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OWNER/CEO of Abstergo OS :Subhasish Halder

B.Tech in CSE | SVIST

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Abstergo OS 1.0 Over Special


Abstergo OS 1.0 Lite Edition

Feel The Speed :)


Abstergo OS 1.0  is out check it out and give your reviews Developed by @AbstergoTV ☑  

Abstergo OS is developed by Subhasish Halder aka Abstergo and his team, which is based on Official Android x86 structure. 
It is an official version of Android x86 OS with some ultimate features , beast performance and Abstergo Terminal.
It has 5 kernels : 1. Kernel 4.12.5
2. Kernel 4.13.5
3. Kernel 4.14.15
4. Kernel 4.19.7
5. Kernel 4.19.50
and stock mesa 17.1.10 because I have clearly focused on both low and high end gamers. You can upgrade/downgrade or do any stuff using Abstergo Terminal.

Change-logs of Abstergo OS 1.0 Over Special:

**Features of Abstergo OS Terminal [Made by Narendra and Ghost Team]**
Activate the terminal using ALT+F1 , then type “abstergo” and hit the enter.

1. PUBG Backup and Restore
2. Enable Extreme Mode
3. Enable/Disable CZ File Manager
4. Google Apps Remove and Restore
5. PUBG Refresher
6. System Tweaks : a. Animation, b. Sound-Fix, c. Firmware-Update, d. Clear-Cache.
7. Upgrade/Downgrade Mesa Drivers
8. Upgrade/Downgrade Kernel

*Added 5 kernels.
*Added FireWall.
*Rooted with latest SuperSu.
*Google apps permanently removed because it is really very worst..
*Removed all Default Apps.
*Added Puffin Browser. (Best Chrome Alternative).
*Added FX File Manager.
*Added Apex Launcher (Gives Tablet feel), Enable using Abstergo terminal.
*Best Ram Management than any other Phoenix OS mods, except Spectre Edition.
*Booting Error fixed for both Legacy and UEFI.
*Fixed video crash problems in browser and YouTube.
*Updated all libraries, firmware to the latest version.
*Changed total look.
*Booting speed is improved.
*No “compiling resources” issue on any version of PUBG mobile.
*Black Screen error fixed in PUBG KR and PUBG Vietnam.
*Optimized for all version of PUBG (Loads in 30 seconds).
*60+ FPS Pre-Unlocked.
*No crash in HDR Graphics.
*Unlock HDR + Extreme FrameRate using abstergo terminal.
*Fixed ping issues
*Fixed Ethernet 100%

Change-Logs of Abstergo OS 1.0 Lite Edition : Feel The Speed <3

First Android OS to achieve 75+ FPS I recommend everyone to go for the package without google apps! No Competition! Fastest OS! Just like beauty and the beast as said by many! <3 Beauty for looks and beast in performance! Changelogs (same as Abstergo OS 1.0 Main Version but with some improvements) : 1. Removed Golden Theme and Added Neon Look. 2. Updated google apps to latest version (Package with G Apps) 3. Better Ram Management 4. Booting Speed Increased 5. Supports kernel 4.19.100 (Only for 10th Generation Processor) 6. Firmware upgraded 7. It will support all kernels 8. Performance is best (No Competition, Unbeatable Performance) 9. L-Speed updated to the latest. 10. Added Support for all PUBG Varients (including KR, VN and CN) 11. FreeFire mouse lock fixed (Use @Useless Ash tutorial too). 12. Supported Games : PUBG All Varients (KR, VN, CN), Game for Peace and FreeFire. Just upgrade to your favourite kernel/mesa and feel the speed!


1) First of all thanks to Official PhoenixOS Team , Androidx86, AOSP Team, XDA Developers and PrimeOS Team for the Real Contribution to AndroidOS Community
2) Thanks to Royal Dante for helping.
3) Thanks to xxDaKsHxx for Helping , Hosting and his Gappps Script
4) Thanks to Narendra, The maker of “abstergo” shell and PUBG Backup Restore Script plus Debugging
5) Thanks to Devil for Constantly Helping with testing and Experimenting with the builds and scripts
6) Thanks to CrazyShooting for the PFX-SE Pack
7) Thanks to Muhammad aka MH©GOLDEN for the Awesome Golden Abstergo Wallpaper
8) Thanks to GhostFace for the Grub Code.

This is Abstergo Army!


(you skip.. you die..)

Note: The installation is for both bios i.e, Legacy and UEFI Bios.
If you want to know which bios are you having then press “WIN+R” , it will open up “RUN”command. Then type “msinfo32”, there you can see the details 🙂

A. Disk Genius
B. Grub2Win

  • *HOW TO INSTALL ABSTERGO OS 1.0 without harming anything in your PC/Laltop?*
    *Dual Boot+*

1. Close all windows.
2. Right click on start button and click on “DISK MANAGEMENT”
Disk Management will open up.
3. Right Click on any partition/drive (example C:\ drive , d:\ drive). Then click on shrink volume.
4. Shrink 20 GB (20000 MB) at least for extreme smooth performance.
This process may take time, have some patience.
After the volume is shrinked, you can surely see that 20GB of new space is available to convert it to partititon.
5. Close Disk Management.
6. Open Disk Genius setup and install it, after installation don’t open it.
7. Copy “CRACK FILES” of Disk Genius and paste it to the installed directory.
8. Then Run Disk Genius from “DiskGen.exe”
9. Now you can see the 20 GB free space that you created a moment ago.
Right Click on it -> Create New Partition :
Set the partition type as : EXT4 (Linux Data)
Name the partition as “Abstergo OS”
10. Click on OK.
11. Click on save all -> YES -> YES
You can see the partition is formated to EXT4 Linux Data.
12. Open the “Abstergo OS” partition -> Create a folder named “AbstergoOS”
13. Open “AbstergoOS” folder -> Create a folder named “data”
14. Now open setup files of Abstergo OS.
15. Drag and Drop (Copy and Paste)Everything to the “AbstergoOS” folder of Abstergo OS partition.
After all files are sucessfully copied. Close Disk Genius.
16. Turn on your internet connection.
17. Run Grub2Win setup and it will automatically install the grub2win.
After installation is completed.
18. Copy Grub Code for Abstergo OS.
19. Run Grub2Win from Desktop Icon.
20. Click on “Manage Boot Menu” -> ADD A NEW ENTRY.
TYPE: submenu
TITLE: Abstergo OS 1.0
22. Click on “Edit Custom Code”.
23. Paste the code that you copied earlier.
24. Save it (CTRL+S) .
25. Set the Icon “xtra-07”.
26. Click on Apply -> OK -> Apply -> OK

Installation is Completed.

27. Reboot your PC.
28. Grub2Win Boot Menu will be loaded.
29. Choose “Abstergo OS 1.0” and Hit Enter.
30. There you can see 5 kernels. For the first boot, you have to boot with the first option which is “Primary Kernel 4.14.15”.
Choose the primary kernel, then hit the Enter.
Then it will boot Abstergo OS. This process may take from 5 to 10 min.
31. After this process, setup the OS.
BOOM! How is it??
32. Grant SuperSU access to any apps that want the root access.
33. Open L-Speed -> Ok -> Set every profile to “Performance”. Then click on “Boost Now”. Close the app.
34. Open Performance Tweeker App, Set it up to performance mode.
35. Go to it’s setting, tick on CPU (when system boots up)
36. Close It.

Reboot your System, then choose your favorite kernel that supports your system.
Now Abstergo OS is ready.


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