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Credit : Royal Dante aka Devnath


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VIP Console


VIP Console is based on Phoenix OS and modifed to give maximum performance and stability. It is fully dedicated to low end pc users and android gamers who loves playing FPS Games and more. Our First version features + Spoilers :
*The first release of Phoenix OS based on Android 7.1 r3 Release.
*My Phoenix OS Mod named “Phoenix OS VIP Console” contains many performance increases!😉 
*VIP-SERVICES not included because old structure of the system was restored for testing, Soon i will include in it
*There is no compiling resources issues on any PUBG Mobile versions! (PUBG devs fixed it)
*Updated Gapps 20.1.04
*Kernel 4.19.7 already adapted to the system (I will release old hardware based system for the users that not supporting this kernel soon)
*Mesa 17.1 Stock r3 Release version!
*Unlocked Ultra HD Sounds
*Smooth 60 fps Unlocked
*Some busybox and toybox are updated
*Updated with Magisk 19.3 Nightly stable build (Latest version of Magisk not compatible with any android x86 nougat systems)
*Fixed all sorts of Magisk modules issues (Modules are working)
*Updated Game-Helper(The keymapping system app of Phoenix OS with some minor updates)
*Green screen fixed on YouTube and Twitch.
*Mic issues fixed(Credits : From Reddits page)
*There is no bloatwares on the system(That means you can uninstall any apps that you don’t want.. Unwanted apps are user apps now)
*Updated security patches on nougat systems
*Emulator detection activated
*And Many more that i can’t remember now 🤔
Additional Notes
1) All developers are really invited to my work if i copycatted you guys or not!
2) Feel free to ask any help via discord private message section!
3) Use my NFS V2 module for increasing maximum performance out of the box!
Version 1.5 changelogs :
What’s new (Changelog)(All features are their from V1.0 with some new features on 1.5)
1.Fixed some kernel freeze issues
2.Fixed bluetooth problems on some devices
3.Some busybox and toybox have been updated
4.Fixed Wi-fi connection error on some devices
5.Updated Mesa drivers to 18.3.6! (Special Thanks to @O v e r L o r d ☑  for compiling the Mesa and @Spectre ☑  to fix the render bugs) (You need to unlock 60 FPS using GFX+tool, already adapted into the system)
6.Added new boot-animation by @Dimas Zacks ☑  (As per the request of @Spectre ☑ , Changing boot-animations not going to increase performance haha!)
7.Added black-themed cursor as per the request of @ViBro  “Tech Tweek” (Cursor changing not going to increase performance haha!)
8.Added New Wallpapers and User Logo by @Dimas Zacks ☑  (These changes not going to increase performance haha!)
9.Fixed random issues like some apps stopped working (This issues only happened on some devices)
10.Updated Gapps to the Latest One! (No crash issues!)
11.More Optimised for PUBG and Free-Fire
12.Magisk bugs fixed
13.Improved loading time (You must use my NFS Injector v2 module)
14.Program Binary Dependencies for PUBG Mobile had included (Mesa 18.3.6 feature for great performance and stability)
15.Added touchpad support (Special Thanks to
16.No Bloatwares, You can easily uninstall any apps like Chrome,YouTube, GFX Tool, Task Manager etc! (User-apps)
And many more, I can’t remember now!
Version 2.0 and 2.1 changelogs :
2.0 :
1.Modded with latest System structure of Phoenix OS and Nougat 7.1.2
2.Better Compressed iso with fixed corruption and other errors (Use usb install method for getting system as a folder)
3.Unity Games are fixed
4.Updated Start button (Thanks to Skyline Gaming)
5.Build.prop tweaks
6.Mouse acceleration velocity fixed
7.Fixed ping issues
8.Better Ram Management
9.Prevents system from automatic read-only mode
10.Reverted to Mesa 17.1.10 (No need for gfx tools or gltools)
11.Pre-unlocked ultra hd sounds, smooth extreme option like VIP Console 1.0
11.Kernel 4.13.5 special systems also added
12.Optimised Pubg Mobile and Free-fire
13.Reverted to stock game helper with latest version (Bugs fixed)
14.Fixed wi-fi issues for both kernel 4.19.7 and 4.13.5 (laptop users not work wifi with kernel 4.19.7)
15. No bloatwares
16.Updated Gapps package based on 11th Feb 2020 Repository
17.Apps freezing issues while in sleep mode has been fixed
18.Emulator detected system and no risk for ban
1.Fixed gpu force acceleration
2.Fixed system initialising stuck issues on some devices
3.Removed some build.prop tweaks that is affected with low end devices
4.Increased ping improvements
5.100% Anti-ban system
6.Supports GLTools and GFX Tools! (No ban)
7.Pre-unlocked 60fps and smooth extreme preset for PUBG Mobile
8.CODM Natively fixed
9.Added 7-zip binaries for the future scripts and utilisation
10.Mesa 17.1.10 Integrated
11.Kernel 4.14.15 Integrated! Update kernel manually to kernel 4.19.7 or kernel 4.13.5 to get 60fps!
And Many More!
More changelogs:
*Updated Gapps Packages to 20.04.14! Latest one!
*Removed Unity engine games fixes because of it mess up with other games and lose performance
*Added VIP Console Wallpaper by @CYNYD AP
*Updated Game-Helper with bug fixes and latest Panda keymapping structure! Better latency!
*Removed Google Chrome and Added Mozilla Firefox requested by many users!
These are the total released versions.



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